Tire Service

Tire Service at Haldeman Auto Group in New Jersey

Are your tires worn? Do they skid or squeal when you hit the brakes? Do you hear a rattling from your wheels while driving? It's time to visit one of Haldeman Auto Group's conveniently located Service Centers!

Tire Replacement

Tires have tread so they can grip the road, but after so many miles they become worn and lose traction. It's a good idea to check them for wear and tear periodically. If your tires are bald or flat, come to Haldeman Auto for a new set! We'll help you choose the best option for your vehicle and budget.

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New Tires at Haldeman Auto in new Jersey
Tire Rotation and Alignment in New Jersey

Tire Rotation

Sometimes wheel alignment is thrown off by big bumps or potholes. When this happens you may hear a rattling noise when you drive, or your vehicle may pull in the wrong direction. Haldeman Auto can perform a quick, easy rotation, restoring balance.

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Four Convenient Locations

When you need service, call Haldeman Auto! We handle all makes and models, and with our four convenient locations you can choose the Service Center that works best for you. 

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Auto Service and Maintenance in New Jersey

Haldeman Auto group is proud to serve our local customers, providing the best auto repair, maintenance and replacement - including tire services - in the area. Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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